Change Makers

‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has’ said the late anthropologist Margaret Mead.

Denise getting a good view!

Honoured to be amongst such a group on Saturday 6 April, marking the 20th anniversary of Yes to Life, the UK’s integrative cancer charity. And WHAT a small group of citizens it was…

Lasting change only happens from the inside out. You’ve got to be ‘in the room’ to be part of it. Here’s Denise with Yes to Life’s founder and chairman, Robin Daly. His daughter’s cancer experience, between the age of 9 and 23 was the beginning of this life-changing organisation.

Also on Saturday 6 April: ‘I am delighted to announce that I have recently joined the University of Chester, UK, as a visiting Professor in the Faculty of Health, Medicine & Society’ shared Dr Rangan Chatterjee.

‘As well as helping to inform the public about the simple things they can do each day to improve their health, I am also extremely passionate about educating the country’s medical students.

Medical education urgently needs to evolve if we are to best serve the needs of our patients and wider society. I am looking forward to working closely with the Faculty to ensure that medical students are up to date with the latest science in ‘lifestyle medicine’ and the practical knowledge and confidence to deliver it to their patients.

Dr Panja’s book is featured on our resource.

This is a huge honour for me. I have taught thousands of healthcare professionals over the past few years on my Royal College of GPs accredited ‘Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine’ that I co-created with Dr Ayan Panja. To now be able to get involved with medical students and train the doctors of the future is hugely exciting.’

As we say ‘lasting change, from the inside out.’

Change happening from the ‘inside out’ over in France too: A new association of integrative oncologists was formed in October 2023. It’s so new they’re still building their website, when we have it we’ll share. For now here’s a taste of the work of one such oncologist in Strasbourg, no language skills required to understand that healthcare is on the move in France too. From the inside out…

Not all changes have to be difficult to be life-changing. Here’s a testimonial from Scott in Newcastle, UK, sharing how small ones have worked. Now to make them ‘long lasting’:

‘About 18 months ago, during my annual check-up, my doctor noticed my blood pressure was high, around 130s over high 90s, so they prescribed me 2.5mg of Ramipril. Follow-up appointments showed my kidney function was fine, but my blood pressure remained high or even worse. I was then prescribed 5mg of Ramipril, which later increased to 7.5mg, but it affected my kidney function. Additionally, my cholesterol wasn’t great, but we prioritised fixing my blood pressure. I was advised to take 5mg of Ramipril along with 5mg of Amlodipine, but after considering the side effects, I opted not to take them.

Instead, I drastically changed my diet overnight, cutting out unhealthy foods like crisps, semi-skimmed milk, ice cream, and switching to healthier options like oats and natural honey for breakfast. I also incorporated salads with tuna and mackerel for omega 3.

These changes, although small, have significantly lowered my blood pressure to 120/80 over the past 2 months without any additional medication. While I’m not perfect with my choices, these adjustments have made a noticeable difference for me.’

Thanks for the feedback Scott, all that from a few articles forwarded from our Heart Disease/Cholesterol resource.

Familiar faces here at the world premiere of the I Could Never Go Vegan film. Dr Shireen Kassam, Dr Alan Desmond, Dr Gemma Newman, Dotsie Bausch, Dr Nitu Bajekal, Rohini Bajekal … all feature on our website, all championing changes to a plant-based diet – all sharing the science validating it as the sustainable diet for our health and our planet’s. UK cinema dates can be found here.

Talking of plant-based cooking: With asparagus in season in Europe we made a delicious weekend lunch from Deliciously Ella’s How to go Plant-Based book. Simple, easy and certainly Delicious.

Calais at sunset. The evening before crossing the channel, heading north to clear out my childhood home. Deep breaths and self-care the order of the day

‘I Miss Cheese’

Says Cillian Murphy: The Best Actor (according to the Academy Awards 2024) has adopted The Best Diet (Plant-based, according to many top nutritionists).

He’s chosen not to eat meat ‘for health and ethical reasons’ for many years now, but he does miss his cheese… Full article from Plant Based News, whose work we feature on our site, here.

SO much ‘kick-back’ from doctors and nutritionists following this ‘news’ story last week. Dr Valter Longo shares masses of medical research that says exactly the opposite to this in his work. The science is with him, not this, as yet unpublished, study. We have to be so careful with our sources of medical ‘advice.’

It’s that time of year: The Environmental Working Group‘s new guides to the most pesticide-laden and least sprayed crops. It hasn’t changed much; an easy guide is to buy organic whenever possible, when you can’t it’s the fruits/veggies with skins that are peeled off that are generally less toxic to our bodies.

So sad that this is even ‘a thing’…

Found a ‘mushroom shop’. This stall at Porto’s market sells only them. Who knew there are so many varieties? Powerhouses for our health.

Every year we sign up and watch this, every year. Many of the industry experts featured are also featured on our resource, with good reason, they’re the best. Sign up here – it really is free – and it’s excellent. 24 April – 1 May 2024.

We know first-hand how devastating hair loss is. We know how matter-of-fact the news that you will lose your hair can be delivered. We know what that feels like. This lady does too. It’s an emotional watch, which is becoming reality for more and more women as cancer rates rocket. Nicola Wood and the Wonderful Wig Company, we salute you.

Cancer diagnosis in the under 50’s hit the world spotlight last week. Thank you Angie for your endorsement of our work.

No-one could, or should, ignore the mental effects of a serious diagnosis. Here’s a beautiful half hour meditation from therapist Irena, from Focus Wellbeing, one of our contributors here at DZ.

Here’s Denise doing a spot of mental well-being at Café Bong, Toulouse, SW France. Supported by a delicious green tea with jasmin and lemon and matcha and raspberry cake. (The mocha latte is her daughter’s….) Bliss.


Life’s Good, Then It’s Not

Then it is again. And sometimes it’s the worst of the worst that leads you to some really great times. Without cancer I wouldn’t have started this non-profit and I wouldn’t have been gifted a scholarship to the 16th Annie Appleseed Conference in West Palm Beach Florida. Life’s a ride.

I wouldn’t have crossed paths with this quintuple board-certified physician (she’s good!!): Dr Monisha Bhanote. She spoke eloquently about The Gut-Cancer Connection.

We’ve added her website and book to our Healthy Body resource.

I wouldn’t have met board member Rick Shapiro either: Rick is a former practicing attorney now a leading consultant, educator, and researcher in the field of safe, evidence-based, integrative and alternative cancer treatments. He is a member of numerous cancer associations and an active Board Member of the Annie Appleseed Project, a non-profit organisation that educates people about personalised, integrative. and innovative science-based cancer therapies.

Rick is also the author of the Amazon bestseller Hope Never Dies, a collection of healing testimonies about how 20 late-stage and terminal cancer patients beat the odds, survived and thrived.

In the video below Rick talks about hope and how it contributes to survival odds:

Spiced Broccoli, Courgette and Coconut Soup

Niki’s Rebel Recipes resource is at the top of our recipe section. Why? Because it’s one of our go-to’s – and hasn’t let us down yet. This was last night’s supper after hopping onto our site, clicking onto Niki’s site and searching ‘broccoli’. Simples.

It’s been a ‘few years in the making’ total lifestyle change for this young man. A gradual process, but then, those are the ones that usually last. Looking VERY well young man (Oli’s pretty cute too).

An ad popped up for Coursera yesterday. They’re the company that we used during ‘lockdown’ to complete 2 of their online courses. Over 3000 courses are currently available free of charge online, including the 2 we completed: The Science of Wellbeing from Yale University (the most popular online course they offer) and Stanford Introduction to Food and Health from Stanford University. Both highly recommended.

Last month the British Medical Journal published a paper conclusively showing that ultra-processed foods are directly linked to cancer and a whole host of other problems, including early death, mental illness, gastrointestinal issues, and diabetes. You can read Amanda King DipCNM mANP’s article here where she explains exactly what UPFs are and easy ways for us to consume less of them.

It’s sprung – our reward for making it through a long winter. Life is good, again!


A Moral Obligation

“I have one life and one chance to make it count for something… My faith demands that I do whatever I can, wherever I am, whenever I can, for as long as I can with whatever I have to try to make a difference.” Jimmy Carter, American President. Thank you Francis for sharing the wisdom.

We all have our part to play and as I took my seat on my 6th flight in just over a week (returning from the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Conference) my neighbour asked me why I was travelling. ‘You have a moral obligation to share what you have learned’ he said.

This is Double-zero.

As promised in a live Facebook ‘reel’ with Dr Henning Saupe from the Arcadia Centre in Germany last week – we have added German translation to our site options. Adding Dr Saupe’s book to our cancer resource this week too.

This is Pippa – giving a wheatgrass masterclass at Hippocrates Wellness last week. Why wheatgrass?

This is what Healthline has to say: High in nutrients and antioxidants – May reduce cholesterol – Could help kill cancer cells – May aid in blood sugar regulation – May alleviate inflammation – Could help promote weight loss – and it’s available in a myriad of forms (this came straight from a neighbouring field, where it’s grown, organically on site).

This is from Ben’s Vegan Kitchen an Instagram account we follow; quick, easy recipes, usually with ingredients we have to hand. This one’s a winner: Sourdough, banana, tahini, maple syrup, cinnamon and salt. His method is described as: ‘Put alladat stuff on the toast and eat it.’ Delicious for an afternoon power pick-you-up.

If you want to be plant-based/vegan/environmentally aware, eggs need to go. We’ve made ‘tofu scramble’, which works, but were curious about an American product we’ve seen a lot of glossy ads for – JUST Egg (shortest website address EVER too…).

100% looks the part, the ingredients (whilst plant-based) contain seed oils and additives that we’d rather not consume. Back to the tofu scramble…

We wish this wasn’t true either. But it is. More from Plant Based News on our Sustainability resource.

Time for change.

This is a newly released film from the US. There are currently more obese people than starving people in our world. Time for change.

Soooo tired. Many miles, many notes, many thoughts. I’ll collect them and report back.
This is my overarching memory: Encouraged that there is a core of medical doctors emerging all saying that we HAVE to find another way to treat non-communicable diseases, our ‘Standard of Care’ is not working. Time for change.


Where’s My Healthy Coffee?

It’s not just good for us on Mondays either Rosie. Here’s an article from John Hopkins Medicine sharing that it’s an antioxidant powerhouse. No more encouragement needed here! Was a particularly mad Monday here today.

Pancake Day Pancakes‘ from the BOSH Boys. It’s been a while since we’ve used their recipes and it won’t be so long until we do again. Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday was the occasion. SO simple, 4 ingredients, ready in 5 mins. Who said healthy food is hard? (we didn’t use the caster sugar, the sweetness from the fruit and maple syrup was easily enough.)

There is absolutely no point anyone asking us who Dr Liz O’Riordan featured on her ‘X’ feed last weekend. It’s a celebrity, with a young family, and cancer. They felt their hand was forced and had to ‘go public’ with their news. If you don’t know who it is, you won’t be hearing it here. Respect. Cancer‘s enough to deal with on its own.

British surgeon Dr Liz chose another way, she has been very publicly sharing her 3 breast cancer diagnoses. You can find her story here.

‘When we spend more on a pint of beer than a chicken we know there’s something wrong with our food system’ said Professor Tim Spector on his social media feeds last weekend. This article from the Daily Telegraph shares the real effects of the ever increasing consumption of cheaply produced meat: pollution, land requirements, not to mention the wretched existence most of the animals suffer.

Ed Winters is a young man who’s well versed in debating the subject of eating meat. His latest book is entitled: ‘How to Argue with a Meat Eater (and win every time). Pulling no punches there. Here he is as a guest on the Plant Based News podcast we feature on our site.

‘But where do you get your protein?’ That ‘old chestnut’ again: (they have 2g protein per 100g by the way). These legumes are SO easy to incorporate into our diets: black bean chilli, lentils as a base for pretty much anything, hemp seeds often go in our smoothies/porridge, pumpkin seeds in bread/on salads, peas with rice dishes and chickpeas are the main ingredient in hummus, which we whizz up in 2 mins. It isn’t hard. It really isn’t.

We’ve cooked a couple of recipes from Holy Cow Vegan this week. Loved this butternut squash curry. They could well be making an appearance alongside 1000’s of healthy recipes on our extensive resource.

If you know, you know. The significance of this is enormous – feeling good! It’s the ‘little things’. An empty laundry basket is a rarity round here, celebrating the (small) wins. And the joy (albeit temporarily).

A slab of the choc featured on last week’s blog was clearly a birthday gift hit!


Let it Slide

Diagnosed in January 1993 Ann E Fonfa lived with cancer for over 30 years. She decided to ‘let it slide’ and focused on ‘being happy’ instead, as she shares in this video.

Ann E Fonfa 1948 – 2024

Ann left us on 29 January, less than one month before her 16th annual conference takes place. She leaves a legacy of which we at Double-zero are a small part: Ann gifted us a full scholarship to the conference after we met in London last September.

As you know we are a non-profit. Our income is derived solely from donations; no membership, or sponsorship, we are all volunteers. We bought the flights, in faith, with a Black Friday deal; the 6 flights (Toulouse, Madrid, Philadelphia, West Palm Beach, cost just over 500 euros economy return inc. all taxes). We promise to learn from and network with many of the people featured on our extensive cancer resource, then report back to y’all!

You can donate here, via Stripe, (a Level 1 Service Provider, which is the highest level of certification for payment processors), with whom we have an accredited charity account. Thank you for your support – it allows us to continue to build this network and keep our resource free to all.

Does the UK Prime Minister ‘Fast Like a Girl?’ Rishi Sunak begins each week with only water, tea or black coffee, for 36 hours, The Times reported recently. Intermittent fasting is said to help weight loss, help you live longer, lower your cancer risk and boost your immune system. There’s science to back up the claims too: ‘A study published by researchers from Harvard Medical School in 2020 found that intermittent fasting may enhance the body’s defences against oxidative stress and increase disease resistance.’

Dr Valter Longo joined our site recently, his book The Longevity Diet is full of the health benefits of fasting too. Clearly ‘a thing’.

The world’s news focused on another ‘thing’ last week: the health of King Charles. HRH has been Royal Patron of cancer health and wellbeing charity Penny Brohn UK since 1997 and opened the original Bristol Cancer Help Centre in 1983.

“I have always admired the charity’s work to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support to people with cancer and their loved ones. When it comes to compassion in healing, the Bristol Whole Life Approach is second to none” he said.

The king has championed holistic cancer treatments for decades. May he receive the care he needs and it be a watershed moment for the myriad of treatments that so many testify to have helped them on their way back to health, to receive the awareness they deserve.

In the UK to meet one plant-based guru (Deliciously Ella) last week and fell in love with another’s work (Sophie Gordon). This gem is definitely on our ‘wish list’. Thank you for cooking some of her recipes Margaret. Recommend…

Fresh laundry – nothing quite like the smell… But, is it worth ‘airflow limitation, pulmonary irritation, and sensory irritation, increasing cancer risk, central nervous system (CNS) disorders, and even liver damage?’

Thought not. And some of the commercial ones do just that with some scary ingredients:

Pentane: Inhalation of pentane can lead to loss of consciousness, respiratory tract irritation, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and headaches. 2. Linalool: This is a narcotic that is associated with respiratory disturbances and CNS disorders. 3. Ethyl Acetate: A narcotic on the EPA’s Hazardous Waste list associated with kidney damage, liver damage, and anaemia with leukocytosis. 4. Camphor: This compound is listed by the EPA as a hazardous waste that can be fatal when inhaled. It has carcinogenic, neurotoxic, and anesthetic properties. 5. Alpha Terpineol: Irritates mucous membranes and can cause pneumonitis, CNS disorders, and ataxia. 6. Benzyl Alcohol: A respiratory irritant that can cause respiratory failure in extreme cases. It also causes dizziness, depression, and low blood pressure. 7. Benzyl Acetate: A carcinogenic compound that can cause systemic effects when inhaled.

No thanks. There’s an article here that links the research papers showing scary effects and some natural alternatives that we can use.

Surge in children having surgery to remove rotten teeth screamed a headline in the health section of one of the UK’s national newspapers last week.

Toothbrushing lessons were proposed to tackle the issue apparently. Really? Is that the answer to the UK’s children’s teeth problems?

‘Figures from the Office of Health Improvement and Disparities showed that 119 hospital operations to remove rotten teeth in children and young people took place every working day last year. These operations costed the NHS £64.3 million for the year to last April and official analysis showed investing in prevention measures would be cost-effective.’

Thinking toothbrushing lessons is maybe not the most effective of ‘prevention measures’. How about educating parents and children on the consequences of the effects of sugary drinks/snacks/foods? Is it really a coincidence that the UK has rocketing sugar consummation and dental issues?

100% cacao – another thank you to Margaret; the BEST hot chocolate we have ever had… 1. Break off 2 squares 2. Melt in a pan 3. Add plant-based milk of choice 4. Add sweetener if required (we added some maple syrup). Ps. There’s a good reason it’s mostly out of stock on their site


Rounded Up (Again)

An expensive day in court again last week for Bayer as a jury returned a unanimous verdict; that Roundup is a cancer-causing product. (Washington Post article here). Bayer had already agreed to pay about $10 billion in a settlement to tens of thousands of claimants over the allegation that Roundup causes non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2020. (Washington Post article here).

The World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer reported in 2015 that glyphosate is “probably carcinogenic to humans.” (IARC article here).

Yet it continues – oh, it’s World Cancer Day on Sunday 4 February…

Antispike is a new supplement, launched by biochemist Jesse Inchauspé aka the Glucose Goddess, on social media yesterday. It’s a natural product; lemon extract, vegetable extract, cinnamon extract and white mulberry leaf, designed to minimise sugar spikes after eating carbs and sugar. As her new website shares: ‘glucose spikes makes you exhausted, cranky, kick-off sugar addiction, hurt your hormones, your sleep, your skin, and also lead to type 2 diabetes.’

Can’t help thinking of a friend who takes statins believing they’ll protect his arteries as he continues with his unhealthy diet. The ingredients are sound, with much research validating their individual effects on our blood glucose, but no research has been conducted on their effects when combined…

Maybe best to eat less cake to stabilise our blood sugar?

I met the delightful Ella Mills last week. Ella started a blog ‘Deliciously Ella’ many moons ago, to share how a healthy plant-based diet had helped her off 25 (!) different medications whilst she was a student. Today she has the no1 selling book on Amazon UK in all categories. ‘Healthy Made Simple’ follows her mantra of ‘more plants, for more people, more of the time’. Now that makes sense.

Success is not always linear however, as she shared on social media, it’s not always been easy.

Introduced a friend to an ingredient that Ella uses A LOT in her recipes: nutritional yeast. It’s a powerhouse of health, as this article from Web MD shows, and has a great ‘cheesy’ flavour for recipes like this vegan mac n cheese too. It may not look like ‘healthy’ food, but it is packed with protein and fibre, with NO sugar.

Yet another winner for a quick, easy supper here. ‘Cook once eat twice’ is a mantra from Ella, that she’s adopted as a busy, working mum. Did just that! Recipe here.

Spring’s on it’s way. Always a joy to see new growth. We are; feeding our minds with knowledge, our bodies with fresh air and our souls with anticipation of a new season and new opportunities.

If you know you know… For those that don’t


Relax and Do Jigsaws (with all their pieces)

Feeling almost sleepy as I type; a 432hz playlist from YouTube is playing. 440hz or 432hz does it make a difference? (And what are we even talking about???). ‘The current reference frequency for tuning musical instruments is 440 Hz. Some theorists and musicians claim that the 432 Hz tuning has better effects on the human body’ says this research from the US Dept of Health, which seems to indicate that yes, it does. Not the first time we’ve heard this, fascinating stuff suggesting there may well be healing benefits for our bodies.

What to do when a bunch of old friends come to stay on a cold, rainy January weekend? A 1000 piece jigsaw. An interview on BBC Radio 4 today was extolling the relaxing benefits of ‘puzzling’.

Maybe not when it’s 999 pieces though. How maddening! Deep breaths… and relax.

Diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2020 this ‘cheeky chappie’ has already gone way beyond the 6 months prognosis he was initially given. Still working, Jonnie Irwin, the former ‘A Place in the Sun’ presenter had an early 50th birthday party a few months ago (not expecting to make his actual one.) But he did! Here he is pictured over Christmas.

Jonnie shares the trials of his journey with stage 4 lung cancer in a new podcast from How to Starve Cancer’s Jane McLelland in which he unveils ‘the symphony of treatments that form the backdrop of his story including Intravenous Vitamin C, the use of off-label drugs, and the challenges faced with stage 4 cancer such as dealing with cachexia and his resistance to Osimertinib.’

His uplifting story hit the UK Nationals last week: The Express and The Mirror. Sadly no mention of Jane’s work in the articles – Jonnie gives her the credit she deserves however, have a listen here.

Maybe not include that plastic bottle with your fitness routine… A research article published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA last week showed the huge problem of micro and nano-plastics in bottled water. Nano-plastics are even smaller than micro-plastics and are believed to be more toxic since their smaller size renders them much more amenable to enter the human body. Scary report – do use filtered water, in a glass, or stainless steel bottle. And – relax.

Flowers bought locally before friends arrived last week. At least they’ve been treated ‘cleanly.’ A glance at fresh flowers always helps us – yep, you’ve guessed it – relax.

‘You can’t turn back the clock but you can wind it up again’ Joan MacDonald. How relaxed does she look? Talk about comfortable in your own skin. From a 70 year old who was ‘unfit and fat’ (her words), today she’s a 77 year old ‘fitness guru’ with 1.9M Instagram followers to boot! Great article from the UK’s The Times newspaper here. As she says ‘it’s never too late’.

Hanging vitamin C in Seville last week. A lovely RELAXING 3 night break in a stunning city. 2024 Let’s do this – it is redemption time after all (our word of the year.)

Speaking of redemption, it’s taken a huge amount of emotional strength for many of us to get through the past few years. We have. We made it. Let’s not stop being kind because others weren’t. It’s redemption time. More from the fabulous Vex King on our Healthy Mind resource.



Word of the year. This popped up on social media last week. What a long way we’ve come. 2017 was the year of the breast cancer diagnosis. The year of wigs, muscle loss and almost catastrophic consequences.

6 years on and cancer is a memory: A vivid one, yes, but a memory. It’s redemption time – all the hard work with diet and lifestyle, all the reading, watching, learning. This is the year when it all comes to fruition.

Same pose – VERY different reality: 2024 we’re coming for you!

Redemption time for this lady too. 10 years on Ella Mills aka Deliciously Ella is having the last word over online trolls, with an estimated 20M revenue that’s only going in one direction. Full Times article here.

The trolls are still there – but now they’re trying to hijack 100’s of Ella’s happy customers’ accounts as they apply for a copy of her new book: Healthy Made Simple, which is sitting at the No1 slot on Amazon UK for Vegetarian and Vegan cooking.

Success – take that those who questioned her, insulted her and ridiculed her.

Wise words from Dr Lipman, whose work features on our Healthy Body resource

Yes to Life are the UK’s integrative cancer care charity. They’re offering various Wellbeing Sessions this winter; from Mindfulness to Yoga, EFT, Breathwork and even a Book club. All except the EFT classes are completely free of charge. Here’s the link – an excellent way to help you heal or stay well.

SO many books on offer this month in Amazon’s New Year New You promotion. Here’s a few, starting with our first purchase of the year, just after midnight on 1 January. Start as you mean to go on!

Walk Yourself Happy – Julia Bradbury – £10 hardcover Amazon UK. 99c Amazon Kindle France.

The Doctor’s Kitchen – Eat to Beat Illness – Dr Rupy Aujla – 99p on Kindle UK.

High Performance – Jake Humphrey – 99p on Kindle UK.

Wild Hope – Donna Ashworth – £5 hardcover Amazon UK.

Life Without Diabetes – Prof Roy Taylor – 99p on Kindle UK. 1.19 euros on Kindle France.

Happy, Healthy Hunting.


Safer to Eat Dog Food!

Preservatives that are banned in pet foods because of their carcinogenic (cancer causing) nature continue to be added to processed meats for human consumption an article from The Times in the UK reports. You couldn’t make this up!

It says: ‘About 90% of bacon* sold in the UK is believed to contain nitrites, which research has linked with the development of colon, bowel, breast and prostate cancer.’

*From an article also in The Times, which is 5 yrs old this week – 5 yrs and still nothing has changed…

Is it about your greens, or your genes?

‘Identical twins change their diets and lifestyles for 8 wks in a unique scientific experiment designed to explore how certain foods impact the body.’

Reminder set for Monday 1 January 2024.

My ‘Clean’ Christmas gift: homemade lavender deodorant. Recipe from The Natural Living Family is here and you can watch our Jue in action below:

Here’s our Jue making it…

Carly Shankman is @carlyloveskale: Diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2019 this young woman healed and shares her new preventative lifestyle with her 138k Instagram followers. She shares love, light, positivity and details of her daily lifestyle. It’s inspiring – unlike the cancer stats in this pic…

Time for change – what we are doing is not working! (And no, this man doesn’t really have a foot growing out of his shoulder…). You can find Carly’s powerful healing testimony here. There are 1000’s of first-hand healing testimonies on our cancer resource – including Carly’s.

Butternut Squash Curry from Nora Cooks – SO good (even the teens that found their way home for Christmas enjoyed it!)

Here’s the lady herself; Nora started her blog when her youngest was 1yr old. It’s now their family’s income stream; her husband joined her when the blog became more known, they have a few million hits per month now. Welcome to our resource Nora.

Winter Solstice last week. Short days, nesting time, we’re missing the sunlight here in Europe. Be kind to yourselves folks (maybe time to supplement your vitamin D?)

Proud to both feature Dr Greger’s work at Nutrition Facts on our resource and echo his mantra. Science is where it’s at. EVERYTHING we feature and therefore endorse on Double-zero is science-based or from first-hand testimonies. EVERYTHING. No conspiracy theories, no unsupported opinions or beliefs.

We continue to work from a place of knowledge and integrity. You have our word that will not change in 2024.