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Where to Begin?

The Social Dilemma

This film had me nodding my head, so I asked my children to watch it, then my friends, then I shared it on social media, which is kind of funny in a scary way.  


A much more positive use of 1hr 46min of my life!

What’s New?

Wisdom of Trauma

A powerful ‘fly on the wall’ film showing Dr Maté doing what he does best: understanding the sources from which troubling behaviours and diseases spring in the wounded human soul. 



A scientific and spiritual journey where we discover that our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions have a huge impact on our ability to heal.  We are shown the miraculous nature of the human body and the healer within us all.  It taps into the brilliant minds of leading scientists and spiritual teachers, and follows 3 people on their healing journeys to find out what works, what doesn’t, and why. 


An emotional exploration of the profound impact of our past on our present relationships. It provides a rare opportunity to witness the power of healing and growth in action. Featuring real-life stories, this film is a powerful reminder of the importance of fostering healthy relationships with ourselves and those around us. 

Speaking Grief

Exploring the transformative experience of losing a family member in a death and grief avoidant society. This film moves away from the idea that grief is a problem that needs to be “fixed,” it validates the experience of grievers and guides those wishing to support them. There is no “right” way to grieve. By sharing diverse representations of bereavement the film illustrates that grief is a universal, yet individual experience.

Social Dilemma

Discover what’s hiding on the other side of your screen. We tweet, we like, and we share— but what are the consequences of our growing dependence on social media? The Social Dilemma is a documentary-drama that reveals how social media is reprogramming civilisation with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations.

Wisdom Of Trauma

Trauma is the invisible force that shapes our lives, the way we live, the way we love and the way we make sense of the world. It is the root of our deepest wounds. Dr. Maté gives us a new vision: a trauma-informed society in which parents, teachers, physicians, policy-makers and legal personnel are not concerned with fixing behaviours, making diagnoses, suppressing symptoms and judging, but seek instead to understand the sources from which troubling behaviours and diseases spring in the wounded human soul. 



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