Children’s Health

Our children are on course to be the first generation to live shorter lives than their parents. Things need to change – and now.

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Mary Barbera

Over the past 20 years Dr Barbera has worked with 100’s of children with autism and toddlers showing early signs and helped 1000’s of parents and professionals through online courses. Many of these kids have made miraculous gains, and they’re now living happy, productive lives.

Doctor Yourself

Pages of research-based information on your children’s health on Dr Andrew Saul’s website.

Everyday Health

Over 300 artlcles about various aspects of children’s health.


‘Giving children a healthy start will have a positive affect on the rest of their lives.’ Articles on many aspects of children’s health.

Dr Fuhrman

Articles/videos/blogs relating to children’s health issues.

Green Med Info

100’s of studies: Dental, Toxicity, Growth, Development, Chemicals, Allergies, Asthma, Cancer, Lung Disease, Infections, Poisoning.


Diabetes, Psoriasis, Nephrotic syndrome, Epilepsy, Hair Loss, Breast Cancer, Hepatitis C, Appendicitis, Anti-social Behaviour, Hypothyroidism – in children.

Healthy Home Economist

Sarah Pope is a Health and Nutrition Educator. Many articles on this site are reviewed, approved and written by medical doctors, dentists, naturopathic doctors and chiropractors. 


One of the world’s top 10 mental health websites, there’s a huge resource covering children’s physical and mental health.

Heart MD

Huge section on ‘kids health’.

Sheila Kilbane

Dr. Kilbane is on a mission to transform pediatric healthcare and get 1M kids off meds they may not need. She desires to help spread the word about how nutrition impacts children’s health.

Dr Gabor Maté

Childhood Development & Parenting. Articles & Interviews, Audio & Video, Books, FAQ.

Mind Body Green

This approach to wellness weaves the mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental aspects of well-being together.  

Dr Gemma Newman

Hover over ‘Learn More’ and select Kids for nutritional advice for children.

Plant Based News

With millions of readers and viewers, PBN delivers exclusive stories and content every day. Pages of articles on children’s health.

Psych Central

Many articles about children’s mental health and their well-being.

Dr Ana-Maria Temple

Dr Temple is a paediatrician, wife, and mom of 3. Her mission is to empower families to raise healthy children in this unhealthy world, without medications where possible.  

Very Well Family

A huge resource to help with raising healthy children, including nutrition, fitness, vaccinations, social and emotional development, and of course, fun!

Very Well Mind

A huge resource to help with raising healthy children.

Dr Weil

The children’s health centre section of Dr Weil’s site is a comprehensive one.

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